Family: The Missing Ingredient (5-12-13)

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The Missing Ingredient

1 Corinthians 13

These are turbulent times for families. Society has changed. The structure of families has changed. And it seems as if the rules have changed. How can we have successful families in such times? There is a key ingredient.

I. Families without Love

   A. Loveless Deeds

   B. Loveless Faith

   C. Loveless Gifts

II. Characteristics of Love

   A. Patience

   B. Kindness

   C. Humility (not envious, boastful or proud)

   D. Considerate (not rude)

   E. Unselfish (not self-seeking)

   F. Even-tempered and Disciplined (not easily angered)

   G. Forgiving (keeps no record of wrongs)

   H. Righteous (does not delight in evil, but rejoices in truth)

   I. Protective

   J. Trusting

   K. Hopeful

   L. Perseverant

Adults must be the mature examples of love if families are to succeed. (When I became a man I put childish things behind me.)

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