Ode to Mom, by Cystal Nava (May 12, 2013)

Before I was born you loved me, for me

You guided me through the world to show me what I can be.

You’ve shown me many things, and I want you to know,

Even though we fight I love you so.


Thank you for the times you dealt with such a pain,

Who didn’t appreciate things and always complained.

It must have been challenging for someone like you,

Since you were alone and didn’t know what to do


I know it was hard being a single mom

Daddy and you just didn’t have that bond.

One day when the cops came knocking “Boom Boom!”

I was rushed upstairs into my room.


Several days passed, and I noticed he was gone.

You explained to me how you guys didn’t get along.

I cried so hard I swam in my tears,

But you held me and I had no more fears.


Several years passed and I was now eight

My Birthday was coming and I could hardly wait.

I imagined being with you laughing together,

Just having that memory forever and ever.


There are times that you are weird and annoying,

But without you my life will be so boring.

The one thing I love and hate

Is how loud you talk and don’t hesitate.


You are the perfect example of a best friend,

Who cares for me, loves me and defends me

If I come home one day feeling blue,

There’s no doubt you’ll know what to do.


There is one thing I’d like to say,

I will always love you every single day.

I don’t promise there won’t be fights,

Even though half the time you’ll probably be right.


No matter what happens I know you’ll be there

Because you’re my mom and you will always care.

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